Dear valued customers
In one week's time, we will be attending the Winery of the Year event where Krasna Hora is one of the finalists. We will be serving the best of our best there.  Most of the wines are new releases and one of the wines is absolutely new for us and for the market.  We decided that we want to share the exciting atmosphere of this event with you.  We will be glad if you participate.
In our deluxe collection, you can get
Blanc de Noir 2016 Sekt
This wine can be found in Maaemo, a 3 star michelin restaurant in Oslo, and in London at the restaurant of the famous chef 'Yotam Ottolenghi'.
Cuvee Viktoria 2017
This is the world premiere of our flagship white cuvee.
Chardonnay Barrel Selection 2016
The 2 best barrels of Chardonnay from 2016 were selected and this is the world's first chance to try this wine.
Sauvignon Blanc Barrel Selection 2017
Also, the 2 best barrels of Sauvignon Blanc from 2017 were selected for this wine.  Again, this is the world premierer of this wine.
Pinot Noir Barrel Selection 2017
The best 2 barrels of this vintage were used to make this wine.  Be among the first in the world to try this wine.
Merlot Barrel Selection 2017
This wine has never been made before by our winery.  The quality of the Merlot justified releasing this wine as a varietal wine made from the top 2 barrels.  Be among the first in the world to try this ground-breaking wine from our winery.
We have decided to donate a portion of our proceeds to the charity of your choice.  We invite you to to send us your personal recommendations.